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Community Development Links Initiative

Creating opportunities giving hope and providing effective  solutions.

Children's Support Initiative

Raising Educational scholarships, health insurance, nutritional and school needs support for orphans, children with special needs and other vulnerable children.

Women's Economic Empowerment

Empowering low/no income women , widows with vocational/retail focused Social Enterprises, Savings and Loans Corporative ,health education and health insurance.

Youth Empowerment Initiative

Empowers Youths and young adults without/with special needs with scholarship opportunities, vocational skills training and community apprenticeships.

School Improvement Program

Adding value to state run schools through teacher training and setting up school based projects.

Education Advocacy Campaign

Advocating on the improvement of the Education sector in Nigeria.

About Us


CDLI was formerly Ipaja Community Link which was established by Development Impact For Nigeria (DIFN), a small UK-based Diaspora led development agency working in Nigeria mainly with a view to encouraging the UK Diaspora to partner in development projects in Nigeria primarily through volunteering and project sponsorship.

The project has progressed with the intent to bring development to other communities asides from the Ipaja Community.

About us

Discover Our Story: Who We Are and What We Do

Who We Are

Community Development Links Initiative (CDLI) is a Non Governmental Organization working and registered in Nigeria aimed at developing communities and reducing poverty amongst members of the community.

What We Do

We create learning opportunities for vulnerable people in communities .

Our Vision

We envisage a future where every person has the opportunity to maximize their potential and contribute to all aspect of life.


Community Development Links Initiative is presently Involved In

Community Intervention Programmes

Our Commitment to Giving Back

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213, Ipaja Road Akinyele Bustop Ipaja Lagos